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Summer and the Practicing is Easy and Fun


summerblogpracticeSchool is out for the summer and activities now include fun with friends, summer vacations, and just lazing around in the sun. The last thing on your mind is practicing your instrument.

It understandable that the tendency is to relax all academics, including practicing your instrument. However, music is fun and enjoyable and not supposed to be a chore. You don’t have to follow as rigorous a practice schedule during the summer as you do when you are preparing for your band work. However, it is recommended that you still practice over the summer so you do not lose all the valuable accomplishments you have gained through your hard work during the school here.

Here are 8 practice tips that will still allow you to enjoy your summer but not neglect your instrument.

  1.  Keep it Fun.   Put away that band or competition piece and play songs and pieces that bring you joy and make you want to play. Or – try to teach yourself something new.
  2.  Keep your instrument out of the case so you can easily see it. When you are moved to play, the instrument is waiting for you.
  3. Reeds – keep a fresh supply handy.
  4. Don’t follow a strict schedule, just play when the moment moves you.
  5. Rainy day? Put away the electronic gadgets and make some music.
  6. Have an impromptu concert for your family and friends.
  7. Have a music party. Invite your friends to bring their musical instruments and have a jam session.
  8. Book a lesson over the summer. Many students continue to take lessons but instead of every week, maybe twice a month.

Interested in learning a new instrument? The summer is a great time to try something  new. Give me a call to see about the different woodwinds available or go to a music store and try it out to see if it is something you want to add to your musical skill set.

Follow these suggestions and when you return to school, you will be ready to take on new musical challenges and excel in your musical endeavors.

Have a safe and musical summer.