Monthly Archives: January 2016


The other day I was cruising You Tube, and I’m amazed at all the wonderful tutoring being offered for free.

I don’t think there’s  a topic not covered on how to do what ever  subject  you’re interested in. Naturally, I’m always viewing  musical instruction videos.   I’ve learned many things  from watching master musicians like, Eddie Daniels and Tom Ridenhauer, giving all sorts of tips related to clarinet playing, and reed adjusting.

While all these instructional videos are quite helpful, nothing takes the place if sitting with a private teacher. With a private teacher, you’re getting  a lesson designed just for you.

A private teacher can monitor your progress, and guide you in the right direction, and help you with any problems with playing that are unique to you. A private teacher can help you with music reading, theory, what instrument to buy or rent. He or she can inspect the instrument you’re currently playing to see if it’s functioning properly, or simply answer any questions you may have.

A private teacher can help you prepare for a performance, audition, provide encouragement, play duets!

The online videos are a terrific supplement to what you’re learning with a private teacher.

Nothing takes the place of the special  relationship that develops with a private teacher and student. While not every teacher is right for every student, when you do find the right teacher, your progress and enjoyment of learning and playing is something that no online video can provide.