Music Lessons
Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute

Barry has been teaching students of all ages the saxophone, flute and clarinet for over ten years, both privately and as part of adjunct faculty at The Tower School in Marblehead, MA, Odyssey Day School in Wakefield, MA and currently at Marblehead Public Charter School.

Barry uses an interdisciplinary approach to learning music and incorporates not only technical instruction but also music theory, appreciation and history.

Many of his students have started with him in the early grades and continued their studies with him through high school and beyond.

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Piano Tuning and Repair

Have you been avoiding playing your piano because you aren't happy with the way it sounds? Is your piano no longer melodious but now sour and off key?

Barry Fleischer began his own piano tuning business immediately after graduating with a major in Piano Technology. He has been tuning and servicing pianos throughout the greater Boston and North Shore area including Cape Ann for over 20 years.

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